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Second Baptist Church is an open and progressive American Baptist church in Richmond Heights, MO, serving the greater St. Louis area.  Our ministry focus is on a loving God as revealed by the teachings of Jesus, emphasizing acceptance and grace rather than conformity and judgment.  ALL are welcome without exception.

Sunday worship is an uplifting and friendly gathering.  Sermons by Pastor Steve Mechem are relevant, challenging, and encouraging.  Our amazing choir enriches worship by sharing an array of inspirational music from traditional to classical to contemporary.  The unique mid-century Sanctuary of the Beatitudes with superior acoustics is a space to reflect, connect and enjoy the presence of God.

Sunday School classes focus on adult Bible study, living our faith, and children and youth education.  Individuals are encouraged to question and explore, to study and interpret scripture as their journey guides them.  American Baptists believe that Christians can and should approach God directly.

Second Baptist is progressive in thought and action.  This includes the leadership and ordination of women and welcoming all people without regard to ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation or any other status that might be a perceived barrier to acceptance.

Our community is a friendly and safe place, with special outreach for those who have recently experienced grief, disappointment or hurt by other religious experiences, for LGBTQ+ individuals and their families and friends, and for immigrants from Burma/Myanmar who speak the Karen language.

Through hands-on projects and monetary gifts, we support the missions of worthy organizations both local and world-wide.  Learn more about Second Baptist's ongoing social justice and outreach ministries in other pages of this website.

Sharing our facilities with community groups is another form of ministry.  Second Baptist is the headquarters of the Community Gospel Choir and a meeting place for Al-Anon Family Group and others.

Join us as we discover grace and faith together!

We are open.

Open in membership, open in communion, and open in acceptance. We believe that all people are the children of God, that every person has value. 

We are progressive.

Key Christian progressive values include inclusiveness, honoring differences in theological perspectives, working for peace and justice, behaving with compassion and selfless love towards one another, and believing there is more value in questioning than in absolutes.

This We Believe captures the core values of Second Baptist and of progressive Christianity:

"Second Baptist Church stands for freedom of the individual in all matters of faith and practice of religion.  Such a belief and such a spirit are a challenge to live with all one's powers and creativeness in fulfilling God's purpose.

"Belief in freedom means that we believe in one another; it means that we place the highest value in people, and in the individuality of people; it means that we believe that life's highest experience is the experience of a person with God through Jesus Christ, and that no person shall be limited or thwarted in this experience but encouraged and strengthened."  Read more.

We are American Baptist.

Did you know that there are dozens of denominations that call themselves "Baptist"?  During the Civil War era Baptists split into Southern Baptists and Northern Baptists.  In 1950, the Northern Baptists became the American Baptist Convention, and in 1972 American Baptist Churches USA.  While most prevalent in northern states, there are 5,000 congregations with 1.3 million members across the US.

Among the American Baptist beliefs cherished at Second Baptist are:

  • The right of individuals to discover their own path of faith,
  • Each person can be in a relationship with God,
  • The freedom to interpret scripture for oneself,
  • Separation of Church and State,
  • Local church autonomy,
  • Believer's baptism and the Lord's Supper (Communion).

Throughout history American Baptists have been active in promoting holistic and healing change in society.  The tradition of social outreach and ministry extends back to the enfranchisement and education of formerly enslaved people following the Civil War, through frontline advocacy of the Civil Rights Movement, the empowerment of women in church (including ordination) and society, ecological responsibility, and important contemporary issues of justice.  Because of the longstanding commitment to reach out and fellowship with all persons, American Baptist Churches USA today is the most racially inclusive body within Protestantism.

A Different Kind of "Baptist"

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Come visit us at 9030 Clayton Road (at McKnight Road, 1/2 mile west of the Galleria)
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