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Second Baptist Church of St. Louis is an open and progressive community of faith including groups focused on social justice, faith recovery, LGBQT+ and allies, and immigrant families from Myanmar and Thailand.  Our Sunday School classes focus on Bible study, living faith, and youth education.

You may be a devout believer, or you may be a cynic, a critic, a searcher or a seeker. You may reject the “pat answers” of mainstream Christianity. You may have been hurt by a previous church experience.  You may have questions about your faith or doubts about the institutional church. Regardless, you will find friends and compadres at Second Baptist who understand and appreciate the journey you are on. 

We welcome you without regard to your race, ethnicity, age, ability, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, level of education, economic status or any other status that may be misunderstood as a barrier to authentic community.

We invite you to join us as we discover grace and faith together.

For more information on Love Chapter and our LGBQT+ alliance, click here.

A Different Kind of "Baptist"

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We are open.

Open in membership, open in communion, and open in acceptance. We believe that all people are children of God and it is our privilege to accept anyone who comes into our fellowship. Jesus said, “Come to me,” and we extend the same invitation. You are welcome at Second Baptist Church if you are rich or poor, married or single, gay or straight, black, brown or white, uptown or downtown, insider or outsider, conservative or liberal, together or a mess. 

We are progressive

Second Baptist Church chooses to look forward with confidence that God is indeed building a Kingdom where we are citizens who practice grace, love and mercy. As one person has said, “The currency of the Kingdom is love. Spend it freely.”

We are American Baptist.

The word “Baptist” means a lot of different things these days, and the word can have some negative connotations. We believe that we are Baptists in the best way - grounded in the historical distinctions that have made Baptists champions of individual rights, freedom of religion, freedom of conscience and separation of church and state. Women have equal leadership including ordination and service as pastors. We have long associated with American Baptist Churches U.S.A and the American Baptist Churches of the Great Rivers Region.

This We Believe

We stand for freedom of the individual in all matters of faith and practice of religion. Such a belief and such a spirit is a challenge to live with all one's powers and creativeness in fulfilling God's purpose. Tradition is worthless if it does not give strength and vision for the present and hope for the future. The tradition of freedom in this Church is truly a spirit which has been passed on to our generation. It is the very atmosphere of our Church, the refreshing air we breathe. Read more

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Come visit us at 9030 Clayton Road (at McKnight Road, 1/2 mile west of the Galleria)
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