Adult Learning

Church School meets at 9:15am on Sunday mornings from the first Sunday after Labor Day through May. Learning about and reflecting on our faith are important values at Second Baptist. We bring a diversity of viewpoints to our discussions, and we welcome the opportunity to expand our thinking by listening to how others see things.

The Bible Study Class, led by Rev. Jerry Keeney, enjoys the process of studying the Scriptures as adults from diverse denomination backgrounds. Participants teach each other and in the process reach a deeper and more mature understanding of the Christian message and its meaning for their lives. Meets in the Community Room, West Side.

The Living Faith Class collectively decides on topics to study that can build us up in the practice of our faith. Recent topics have included “Contemplative Prayer Practices,” “Why Did Jesus Die? Theories of the Atonement,” and “Speaking the Truth in Love: Dealing with Conflict.” Pastor Steve Mechem is currently leading the class in a study of Walter Brueggemann’s book, The Prophetic Imagination. Meets in Community Room, East Side.

The Karen Bible Class, A Study of Gospels, led by Pastor Carey San, is a Bible study class in the Karen language (tribe from Myanmar, formerly Burma) for adults and young adults. Now, most of our Karen members speak English very well, but still enjoy worshiping in their original language.  Meets in the library downstairs at 9:15am.