Adult Learning

Church School meets at 9:15am on Sunday mornings from the first Sunday after Labor Day through May. Learning about and reflecting on our faith are important values at Second Baptist. We bring a diversity of viewpoints to our discussions, and we welcome the opportunity to expand our thinking by listening to how others see things.

The William Gurley Bible Class is led by Pastor Emeritus Jerry Keeney.  What if we came to the Bible and left all our preconceived notions behind, reading it as though for the first time?  Reading the Bible within its historical and cultural setting?  Asking what it meant to the writer and those who originally received it?  Only then asking what it means now for us today?  This describes the approach that the William Gurley Bible Class enjoys in its weekly Sunday morning discussions of the biblical roots of faith and contemporary application.  Meets in the Community Room.

The Living Faith Class, led by Pastor Steve Mechem, is a discussion group that usually focuses on a particular topic or book.  At present, the class is engaged in a wonderful discussion about storytelling.  We are reading short stories, listening to storytellers, watching movies, and having fun discovering what it is that makes stories compelling and meaningful.  As a guide, we are reading the book The Storytelling Animal by Jonathan Gottschall.  The class meets in the Fellowship Hall of the church, located on the lower level.

The Karen Bible Class, A Study of Gospels, led by Pastor Carey San, is a Bible study class in the Karen language (tribe from Myanmar, formerly Burma) for adults and young adults. Now, most of our Karen members speak English very well, but still enjoy worshiping in their original language.  Meets in the library downstairs at 9:15am.