Our Worship Service

Second Baptist Church cares deeply about the excellence and responsiveness of its worship life. We worship weekly on Sunday mornings at 10:30am in a mid-century contemporary, inspired place of worship. We believe that worship arises from the people, thus participation by the members of the congregation is essential to our worship. Our members—including youth and children—make announcements, read scripture, and lead prayers. We provide a special time in worship for greeting our visitors and each other. We focus on individual prayer requests through an intentional congregational prayer each Sunday.

In 2005, we approved the naming of our worship center as Sanctuary of the Beatitudes. The sanctuary itself, located on the upper lever, is 7,600 square feet in size and can seat from 220 to 400 people depending on its arrangement.

The sanctuary is Modern in design. Its nine stained glass windows, designed by Siegfried Reinhardt and produced by Emil Frei, are especially meaningful in presenting the eight Beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount. Click here to view our windows.

Second’s rich history is not only seen but heard each Sunday and is part of our long cherished music program. Our music director and organist, Marilyn Short, and our choir director, Brad Short, continue an excellent music tradition. The Odell organ, dating to 1879, has been moved three times as the church relocated and continues to enrich our services. It has nearly 3,000 pipes, ranging in size from 2 inches to 18 feet in length and is a highly regarded organ in the St. Louis area. The Second Baptist Choir provides weekly anthems and is open to all volunteer singers. Click here for more about our music program.

We offer Holy Communion on the first Sunday of each month. On Communion Sundays we conclude services by gathering around the sanctuary, holding hands, and singing “Blest Be the Tie that Binds.”