Ecumenical Leadership

Second Baptist values our relationship with other churches. Pastor Steve Mechem initiated Unity in the Community a series of Lenten services throughout Richmond Heights. Each Wednesday in Lent a different church holds a short service and light luncheon. Churches include: Second Baptist, Immacolata Catholic Church, St. Mary’s Hospital Chapel, First Church of God, Little Flower Catholic Church and Church of the Living God Community Church.

Social Justice and a Helping Hand

Our mission team decided more needed to be done to promote inter-racial communication and to build stronger relationships with African-American churches in St. Louis. In 2017, Second Baptist met with the leaders of four other American Baptist churches, and formed an ongoing mission project with the goal of increasing understanding by discussing difficult subjects such as racism and working together to give a helping hand to those in need. Today five churches meet quarterly for Courageous Conversation and to collaborate on mission projects. The churches include Antioch, Dayspring, Second Baptist, Southern Union Missionary and Third Baptist. PHOTO

Mission projects are simple and offer direct assistance. We collect small household items and appliances for Southern Union. In return, we are recipients of aluminum cans from Antioch for recycling by our Karen (immigrants and new U.S. citizens from Myanmar/Burma who fled violence and religious persecution). At Thanksgiving, we supplied over 800 cans of food to assist Antioch in serving the needy in their community. Second Baptist also supports Christmas Adopt-a-Family programs in under-served communities. Second Baptist has many other missions, including a back-pack project for students needing assistance for school supplies. Monetary support is provided to: St. Louis Area Food Bank, Room at the Inn, Habitat for Humanity, and The Migrant and Immigrant Community Action Project. PHOTO

World and US Missions through American Baptist Churches USA

Our dollars focus on remote world events that need our attention or community missions in our own country and Puerto Rico. The funds for the four major offerings support our young future ministers and missionaries with the education and guidance needed to be strong leaders. Also, dollars are sent to areas devastated by natural disasters or places providing assistance to refugees. Second Baptist provides individual gifts to other worthy organizations and projects.

American Baptist Women (ABW) Local and World Missions

ABW of Second Baptist donates monetary contributions to charities providing grass roots help. Local charities include the St. Louis Area Foodbank, Heat-up St. Louis, and St. John’s Community Ministry Services. World missions support include monetary gifts for clothing, food, hygiene, school supplies, diapers and disaster relief to more than 10 countries.

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