Ministry with Children and Youth

Second Baptist welcomes children into the life of the congregation, to learn and worship with us on Sunday mornings. Church school begins at 9:15 a.m.

Church School Classes
Nursery (For infants and toddlers through age 2.)
Education Wing
Care is provided from 9:15am - 11:45am every Sunday by Feng Mei Gao.

Primaries (Pre-School - 1st Grade)
Education Wing
Children experience Bible stories and teachings through movement, song, art, and games in our Primary classroom. Teachers: Mirian San and Brooke Justis

Juniors (2nd- 5th grades)
Education Wing
Older elementary-aged children gather in the Junior classroom under the lively instruction of Dotty Daily to study the traditional stories of our faith and to try to apply them to their own contemporary lives. Mrs. Daily, a retired educator who taught third grade for many years in the public schools, engages the class with puzzles, crafts, and small service projects to teach basic Bible skills and to help the children find their place in the life and work of the church. Volunteers needed to teach Second Hour.

Middle School (6th - 8th grades)
Education Wing
The middle school class challenges sixth- through eighth-grade youth to think of themselves as worthy inheritors of the Scripture by encouraging them to ask questions of both familiar and unfamiliar Biblical texts, the students engage in creative, gross motor, and fine motor activities as well as employ their budding academic skills to come to a fuller and more personal understanding of God’s work in our world and their lives.

Youth (Grades 9 - 12)
Classroom behind the Sanctuary
The senior high class, led by Melanie Keeney, encourages youth to look critically at their world and their own lives in light of scripture, and through discussions to arrive at their own personal sense of faith and convictions.

Worship and Second Hour
Children over the age of two or three worship with the congregation for half an hour every Sunday in expectation that they will learn the rhythms and rituals of worship while growing to see themselves as part of our community of faith. After the children’s conversation, the pre-K to first-grade children accompany Melissa Bancks, an educator and mother of two, to the primary classroom where they experience “hands-on” object lessons. Children second through fifth grade withdraw to the junior classroom to undertake extended service, art, or learning projects.

Second Baptist Church has an active and vital youth ministry comprised of 23 youth from 6th through 12th grade. They meet twice a month on Friday nights for food, fellowship and learning and they also have regular mission projects and fellowship activities. Every Summer, our youth go to a national youth conference, Quest, in Wisconsin. This large youth-led group has loads of fun and often get involved in projects that help others in need.

Children’s Music: Every Sunday, the children of our church have a children’s music time and occasionally sing in our worship services. They sing many fun and energetic children’s songs!